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Irish Association of Medical Students
Educational workshop (2019) 

Patrick provides numerous experiential theme-based workshops in an educational capacity to students and other mainstream caring professions, Universities and schools.
  • Where does the Art Therapy session happen?
    Art Therapy is situated in a space that is private and confidential.
  • How long is a session?
    An individual session normal lasts 45 minutes. Sessions are held in a regular weekly pattern and time slot.
  • What type of concerns do people bring to Art Therapy?
    Work-related stress; Cultural issues; Dementia, Depression, Stress, or Cancer related issues; Anxiety; Bereavement; Self-harm; Low self-esteem; Pre-hospitalization stay; Relationship issues; Childhood trauma; mental health concerns; feeling low or just needing to talk about something personal privately.
  • What type of concerns do young people bring to Art Therapy?
    Anxiety, low self-esteem, stress, behavioural concerns, attachment issues, bereavement, relationship issues, autism, communication, self-confidence, health issues, personal development, coping life skills, lack of confidence and a sense of self.
  • What type of work does an Art Therapist do with groups?
    Art Therapy with groups is similar to working with individuals in as far as providing a safe confidential space. Art therapy workshops can be formatted to look at a range of themes and topics. These workshops begin with an informal presentation followed by an experiential creative activity. This allows participants an opportunity to creatively integrate and reflect the theme into their own lives. Each member, if they wish, has an opportunity to share with others their reflections of their process.
  • What type of outcomes can come out of Art Therapy?
    Art Therapy can assist by improving self-esteem, resolving problems, expressing feelings, problem solving and goal setting which helps towards improving thinking patterns.
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