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Creative Therapy for Older People
in Their Own Home

“Art psychotherapy has the potential to expand our worldview and renew our enjoyment of life"

Art Psychotherapy is an explorative process based on active listening, compassion, and considered guidance, in order to help navigate the landscape of our concerns and curiosities - to help cultivate self management and reinstate feelings of peace and trust.


• It could be helping an elderly client through a difficult stage of their lives like living with Covid-19,

• Helping develop coping skills

• Understand and combating anxiety and depression 

• Helping someone through an illness / recovery  

• Address unresolved family conflicts 

• Beginning in the preparation of the end of life  or just enhancing the quality of life.

• It can enable and promote self -esteem and self -confidence. It can help nurture compassion for oneself as we seek to understand experiences or emotions we may otherwise struggle to put into words.


Creativity psychotherapy  has magnitude  to work in all these areas and more  , with a sense of compassion, dignity  and empathy. It is not an art class, so there is no need to have previous experience or no anything about art, drawing or painting . With Art or Creative Psychotherapy, we can learn to explore with gentle curiosity the many challenges we face and begin to deepen our appreciation for our self and our manifold experiences.

Patrick's art psychotherapy background and experience in working with senior citizens is grounded in working with the elderly in residential care for clients with dementia, and a life-time of connecting to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Patrick is also a cancer survivor and has a great empathy and understanding for those who carry a disability or an illness.

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