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Art Psychotherapy Schools Programme


Art psychotherapy can be a valuable supporting intervention for the wellbeing and mental health of vulnerable children and young people who are marginalised and traumatised by domestic and/or environmental factors and /or the resulting factors of post Covid-19.

Our Team  believe that we can fulfil an essential service that benefits and helps address young people’s psycho-educational, social, emotional and behavioural needs. These sometimes might affect the classroom and the ambiance of the school overall, their communities and more importantly, the family and future generations.


We also believe that in the current uncertain times during the post Pandemic that our work provides an essential support for young people. This can be achieved by the development of art psychotherapy interventions in response to the mental health and well-being needs of children in schools and /or in a community setting

New Integrated Ukrainian Student Support Programme

The schools programme also now includes therapeutic
intervention working and support with young Ukrainian pupils,
as from our practice - universal signs of trauma associated with

displacement, resettlement, and the constant effects of war on
their emotional/mental health and wellbeing is very apparent.


Чи коли небудь ви допомагали
дитині/підлітку досліджувати їхні відчуття
та емоціі?

Під керівництвом Професійного Психотерапевта (віч-на-
віч) сеанс є конфіденційним і безпечним місцеми і
почуттями, які можуть допомогти:

* зрозуміти емоціі
* розкривати емоційні тригери - дозволяє краще
подолати навички і емоційну стійкість
* допомагає знизити тривогу, гнів, стрес і переживання
* може допомогти краще комунікувати і допомагає
людям висловлювати їх емоціі
* підвищує низьку самооцінку / впевненість


Патрік Берн, англомовний, повністю квілікіфований і
акредитований професійний Психотерапев
- Член IACAT
- Повністю застрахований
- Перевірений поліцією



For whom is Art Psychotherapy suitable in a school programme?


Art psychotherapists work with young people in schools for various reasons.  It may be most useful to young people who:


  • Find it difficult to concentrate for a reasonable time period

  • Have emotional and or behavioural difficulties

  • Struggle to regulate their emotions

  • Can be continually sad or depressed

  • They find it difficult to express themselves verbally

  • Overly anxious or fearful

  • Who are underachieving in class

  • Display poor self-organisation

  • Poor peer relationships

  • Are often aggressive or violent

  • Are sometimes withdrawn or seem isolated from their peers

  • Speech and language difficulties

  • Have a significant change in their life/family circumstances

  • Are struggling with a significant transition in their life.

  • Identity issues



  • To offer an Art Psychotherapy service within the school setting.

  • To support vulnerable children with issues such as those related to behaviour and emotional wellbeing as they affect young people and their families within the community.

  • To support the well-being & mental health of vulnerable children and young people who are marginalised and traumatised by domestic and environmental factors. 

  • Provide a safe, non-judgemental and contained space for the child to express and explore their emotions and difficult feelings through the creative process which is held by the therapist within the safe and confidential boundaries of the space.

  • Attuned and nurturing relationship with the therapist.

  • Many children’s social, emotional and/or mental well being has been impacted by Covid-19.  Art Therapy offers a space for children to make sense of the loss they have experienced.



Improved sense of self, newfound awareness leading to increased ability to regulate emotions, improved peer to peer/family relationships, coping mechanisms, improve mental wellbeing, aid in self-discovery, increased focus, concentration, promote personal fulfilment and develop a sense of empowerment.


Art Psychotherapist’s  Profile’s Schools Programme  

  • Ms. Amy Burke is an MA Art Therapist graduate (Hons) and holds a Fine Art in Painting Undergraduate Degree (Hons). Over ten years’ experience working with children and young adults in disability services. Previous roles as a Community Arts Support worker, Team Leader and Senior Supervisory Instructor & Keyworker with young to older adults with severe to mild disabilities and/or autism. Art Therapy person centered group and individual experience in mental health services (HSE), Cope Foundation and working with children in primary School settings where she currently works part time.


  • Patrick Byrne holds a master’s degree of Arts in Art therapy (Hons) and holds a mature students  bachelor’s degree in Social science (UCC ).   Patrick is currently working face to face , under Covid 19 Government guidelines and health regulations, as an essential service. Patrick works with both teenagers and adults who present a number of emotional and mental health concerns and issues .  Patrick previous roles included working in National schools, under the remit of  Irish Red Cross Society. He has initiated  a number of  other wellbeing  programmes including  dealing with emotional and physical bullying .  Patrick is currently the resident art psychotherapist at the Carriagline family centre, Co. Cork .

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